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& Digestive Diseases

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Every patient gets education regarding their condition.
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Our staff possesses unparalleled medical expertise and training with a focus on compassion and care for you and your family.
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Colonoscopy is the endoscopic examination of the large colon. It is one of the most important prevention and screening tools for colorectal carcinoma.
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Upper Endoscopy

A diagnostic procedure that visualizes the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract –esophagus, stomach and duodenum. All that is required is to be in fasting state, recall of procedure is minimal to none since we use conscious sedation.
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Treatment of Hemorrhoids

We treat hemorrhoids with a system that is done in the office and is totally painless. It entails 3 sessions of less than one minute, no anesthesia and you go back to all daily activities.
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Liver Disease

We deal with all liver diseases, with emphasis in Fatty liver, NASH, Hepatitis cirrhosis and abnormal liver function tests. We have a FIBROSCAN in office ot see how serious your fatty liver is and consider therapeutic options, anywhere from diet changes to clinical research trials.
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Dr Wiener manages all forms of digestive diseases with a tendency to correlate symptoms and signs into one workable diagnosis, then tests it or treats it with close follow up until the patient is satisfied.
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Dr Wiener is a renowned expert in GERD-gastro esophageal reflux disease, he has done research and published in this field. Appropriate management of GERD requires an evaluation of eating habits, lifestyle, endoscopy, motility and other GI causes of heartburn. We have the ability to provide relief finding hidden causes, natural treatments and rational use of medications if possible.
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Constipation / Diarrhea

This is our most common condition we see and we have vast experience in managing patients with IBS. We have participated in multiple clinical trials on IBS and can offer management with diet changes, lifestyle changes, anxiety management, medications, management of GI flora-microbiome and clinical trial medications or a combination of the above.
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Dr. Wiener

My practice consists of classic private full service Gastroenterology and Digestive diseases, using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic methods. The diagnostic method always include a thorough evaluation of patient’s complaints, history, labs, X Rays, and procedures. The emphasis is on allowing the patient to express concerns and symptoms, in an attempt to obtain a global understanding. For this I use the Scientific Method and the latest evidence from the accepted medical practice.

About Jessica Kovall

Physician Assistant

I am a certified Physician Assistant, originally from New York. I originally worked in Urgent Care centers in upstate New York, Maryland and Hawaii. Once I switched to the gastroenterology specialty, I knew I found my passion. I have had the honor and privilege of training with multiple GI doctors, and have spent the last two years working with and learning from Dr. Gregory Wiener. I am excited to continue to grow as a gastroenterology provider and share my knowledge with my patients.

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