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We provide consultations in ALL aspects of Gastrointestinal and Liver disorders. We have privileges at Scripps Hospital and Sharp Hospital in Chula Vista, San Diego. For your convenience we provide a large variety of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures. We do most of our procedures at the office or outpatient endoscopy and surgericenters, to facilitate the process and economize patients out of pocket expenses. Most procedures are done using conscious sedation, so discomfort is minimal to none.

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About Dr. Wiener

My practice consists of classic private full service Gastroenterology and Digestive diseases, using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic methods. The diagnostic method always include a thorough evaluation of patient’s complaints, history, labs, X Rays, and procedures. The emphasis is on allowing the patient to express concerns and symptoms, in an attempt to obtain a global understanding. For this I use the Scientific Method and the latest evidence from the accepted medical practice.

About Jessica Kovall

I am a certified Physician Assistant, originally from New York. I originally worked in Urgent Care centers in upstate New York, Maryland and Hawaii. Once I switched to the gastroenterology specialty, I knew I found my passion. I have had the honor and privilege of training with multiple GI doctors, and have spent the last two years working with and learning from Dr. Gregory Wiener. I am excited to continue to grow as a gastroenterology provider and share my knowledge with my patients.

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