Bravo PH Capsule Test


It is a study that evaluates the amount of regurgitation of stomach acid, using a small capsule attached to your esophagus. These data will help us to make a diagnosis, especially in difficult or atypical cases, and treat your symptoms. Click here for more information Download the Brochure.


Dr. Wiener is an extremely smart and friendly doctor. He actually listened to me when I described my issues, he didn’t talk down to me when discussing treatment options, and he behaved and spoke in a way that showed he cared and was trying to make me feel good. Judy, one of his staff members, was equally friendly and caring and it was easy to see that Dr. Wiener surrounds himself with wonderful, like-minded people. I highly recommend his practice for all your gastroenterological needs!

A smart and wonderful doctor! That staff is friendly and very helpful. Would recommend it to any. Very good doctor. Talks to you in a way you can understand everything that is going on with your stomach issues

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