Video Capsule Endoscopy

Video Capsule

Capsule Endoscopy is an exam that uses a miniature pill like a capsule with 2 cameras in it that record images through the digestive tract. It is uniquely designed to visualize the small bowel in its entirety, thus allowing for the diagnosis and observation of small bowel lesions and disease states.

Designed to optimize your small bowel capsule endoscopy practice, the feature-rich and highly intuitive ENDOCAPSULE EC-10 System is the culmination of peerless Olympus imaging technology, continuous software innovation, thoughtful advances in procedural and practice efficiency and a comprehensive approach to service and support. ENDOCAPSULE EC-10 sees 10% more mucosa than other capsule endoscopy platforms with a 160-degree wide-angle field of view. The 3D Track feature unique to EC-10 provides a map of the capsule’s anatomical location within the small bowel which directly correlates to clinical images, thus providing actionable information for subsequent treatment via deep enteroscopy or surgery. Olympus lens technology and sensitive high-resolution image sense technology provide incredibly clear and vivid imaging results.

​​​​​​​ENDOCAPSULE EC-10 features intelligent reading modes that help you manage your capsule practice, and your time, more efficiently. Identical images, and images full of bubbles and debris, are superimposed and speeds are optimized to move more quickly past images recorded when the capsule is motionless to vastly reduce playback times, increasing reading efficiency and effectiveness.

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